A parent teacher association/organization PTA/PTO or parent teacher student association PTSA is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. A 2010 survey of parents of schoolchildren for the government of India reported that 50% of respondents were aware of PTAs or MTAs and 16% were members.

When the modern school system was introduced to Japan during the Meiji period(1868~1912), the cost of establishing and maintaining each school was considered to be mainly borne by town and village expenses, but school budgets were not necessarily abundant. Therefore, in order to reduce the financial and labor burden on school management, many voluntary groups such as Parents Association and Mothers' Association were formed by parents of children and students attending school and residents of school districts.

Since the Show a 10's (1935~), due to the intensification of the war and the subsequent confusion, the group activities have stagnated temporarily. However, after the end of the war, the activities started again, and activities and movements that tried to anticipate the spirit of the later PTA were also attempted in various places.

In the spring of Show a 21 (1946), the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers announced the Report of the United States Education Mission to Japan. In the report, ideas that extend to the PTA were presented.

In October Show a 27 (1952), the Japan Parents and Teachers National Association Formation Conference was held in Tokyo, and the Japan PTA National Assembly was formed.


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